Steps to follow at the SAPS

Your application must be submitted to the Designated Firearm Official (DFO) at the Police station in your police district of residence. 

The application for a firearm license and the application for a competency certificate must be accompanied by coloured passport photos (we staple it to your application), this applies to renewals as well as new licence applications.

A set of fingerprints (SAPS 91 (a)) will be taken by the SAPS. This document is included and completed in your application.

Competency certificate:

You must provide 3 references, which can include your spouse, your neighbour, a friend and/or employer with their names,

addresses and telephone numbers and must know you for more than 5 years.

Please contact your local DFO to confirm how many witnesses need to accompany you.

The following payments are applicable with each application:

Application for competency certificate 
Application for firearm licence (per firearm) 
Application for re-licencing (per firearm) 
Application for accreditation 
Application for temporary permit 
Application for a permanent import or export permit
Application for a duplicate licence (Old Act) 
Application for a duplicate licence (New Act) 

R 70-00
R 140-00
R 70-00
R 280-00
R 140-00
R 160-00
R 60-00
R 70-00

The following documents must be handed back to you.

Acknowledgment of receipt from the DFO  -  SAPS 523(a)

When you pay the required fees a copy of the Z 263 register

If you submit the original Z 263 receipt of payment to the DFO, he must supply you with a SAPS 523 form.

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